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[RC] Lifting trailers - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Diane Farnsworth dfarnsworth@xxxxxxxxxx or 

It looks like this subject generated some interest and is a fairly common 
problem. I thought I would update everybody on what I found out about solving 
my trailer/truck problem. Like Lindsey Adams, I am lowering the truck bed 2 
inches by switching out the blocks. Next I'll switch out the 15 inch trailer 
wheels for 16 inch wheels and see how it looks. If the trailer still needs it, 
I'll go ahead and have the lifts put in.

What I found out: Lowering the truck bed (or having a gooseneck hitch welded 
on) does NOT void your warranty. At least not with GM/Chevy trucks. If 
something goes wrong with anything aftermarket and damages the vehicle, only 
the damage is void of warranty. It's not as scary as it all sounds, if you use 
reputable service people and companies that stand behind their work and 
aftermarket products.

Thanks to Kat's post I decided to call the EXISS manufacturer direct: They do 
have  2 and 4 inch lift kits that work with their torsion axles. It is safe, it 
does NOT void the warranty. The lifts have to be welded on and anybody can do 
the work, but it goes back to having a reputable company do the work so you 
have recourse, if necessary. You can replace the wheels with larger ones and 
that doesn't void the warranty either. The EXISS warranty works the same as the 
GM/Chevy warranty.

Though it would have been nice to have a trailer built to fit any truck, I 
already had my trailer and could not/did not want to replace it. I had a chance 
to replace my 1/2 ton pickup with a new 3/4 ton Duramax at a HUGE savings and 
may not have had the opportunity again. My plan is that if I take the time and 
spend the money to get the whole rig set up the right way before hauling, I 
won't have to replace the truck or the trailer the rest of my lifetime.

Thanks again for all the great posts. A few week$ from now, I $hould be ready 
to haul! :)


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