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Re: [RC] [RC]   Trailer question: Lifting trailer/more info - Stacy Sadar

This is what the trailer dealer wanted me to do too....lower the gooseneck.  No way...wasn't going to do it.  Then I'm running the bottom of the Gooseneck part of the trailer about 4 inches from the top of my truck bed!  OH SURE!!!  Don't hit a bump!  What a joke.  They kind of forgot to take into consideration how much this would lower the GN at the bed and leave very little clearance.  This still would not have solved the issue of putting too much weight on the rear trailer wheels...wouldn't have been level at all.  "oh it will be fine"  I said, "so you'll pay for the tires I need on my trailer when they wear out due to this?"  "Well, No."   I'm not stupid.  This was what they came up with because they couldn't come up with anything else that would make me buy a trailer from them.  Lifts for the trailer were out too...I wasn't going to have a horse jumping out of the trailer or a ramp that was nine miles long so it had a decent grade slant.  Exiss...Featherlite...4Star...Sundowner..etc....they all had the same solutions.  None that I was interested it doing just to give them a sale.
Sorry for the ranting, but I went through this for over a year with every dealer out there.  And I had enough. 

RDCARRIE@xxxxxxx wrote:
Chris, check to see if you can lower it at the gooseneck. A trailer dealer should be able to help you. There is a way to adjust how much the stem of the gooseneck sticks down...it can slide up and down to adjust how level the trailer sits. As for the front sitting too high...we pulled our 4h Sundowner with LQ that way for quite a while. It put more weight on the rear axles, but tire wear looked even, and it wasn't *that* much higher in front, so we didn't worry about it. Rest assured, even though you can't see it, it *is* putting more wear on the rear tires of the trailer. We blew both rear tires within a week or so of each other. Adjusted the trailer to ride level, and have never had another problem.



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Re: [RC] [RC] ? Trailer question: Lifting trailer/more info, RDCARRIE