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Re: [RC] update on grain founder horse - Chris Paus

sigh, I would strongly suggest another vet.This horse should not go back on grain so soon and in fact may have to be very carefully monitored the rest of his life. I also don't understand the reason for waiting two weeks for radiographs. Our good equine vets around here will do radiographs asap and consult with a farrier to come up with a plan for rehabbing the feet. The sooner the better for a positive outcome. It is far too early to tell if this is a :"mild" case of laminitis. It's an insidious ailment. The horse can appear to be doing better just days after an episode and then bammo, be crippled again. It's very frustrating and I would caution your friend she may be in for a long haul.

agilbxr@xxxxxxx wrote:
Well, the vet was out Wednesday morning to check on Buckshot, and basically, he definatly has laminitus, but she says it's mild.  It's only his front feet, and the left foot is worse than the right.  He's been taken off grain for 72 hours, no anything but coastal hay. (he's very irritated).  He gets Ace shots every 6 hours for three days and bute twice a day for 7 days.  According to his mom, he's feeling much better today, and is getting annoyed at being kept off the pasture (of course, she's the one person in north florida who actually has grass in their pasture...).  They are going to give him two weeks, then x-ray his feet to see if there was any rotation.
Would this grain induced laminitus make him more suseptable to laminitus in the future?  I suggested when she starts him back on feed, to go with one of the low sugar, high starch feeds like the Seminole HDF.  I figure if nothing else, it can't hurt.  Especially since he's one of those halter bred quarter horse studs.  Thankfully, Kim has the sense to keep him on the thin side, and he's not a beefed up quarter horse stud.
Anyway, I think she got pretty lucky that this isn't worse. Now we just have to hope that there is no permanent damage like rotation of the coffin bone or anything icky like that.
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