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[RC] Mary and Jacks injuries - Ridecamp Guest

Please Reply to: Paula Juergens cowlitztractor@xxxxxxx or ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Mary,
I'm not a vet, but I am a certified herdsman, so I specialize in large animal 
medicine, particularly cattle. But I have spent my entire life working with and 
around horses, Though they are the love and passion of my life, cattle have 
always paid better. Anyway, during my time working with a for veterinarians I 
have also had to work on a number of horses and have seen a number of them 
worked on too, many with injuries far more greivous then Jacks. He's probably 
going to be ok. Just waiting for flesh to cover that bone will be the hard part 
because theere is no soft tissue to have a vascular bed to work with. Yeah, 
touch and go far as infection, but it sounds like Jacks doctors a good one. 
Once he's got flesh regrowing the challenge for you will be keeping it trimmed 
and supple so it doesnt develop into a bulky ugly wad of scar tissue, which is 
also typically ultra sensitive. The next two or three months are going to be 
tough, just waiting for skin to grow and protect that bone from infection... 
tough deal, but I've been first hand where there have been far worse injuries 
and they've healed up sound, healthy and return to reasonible function, never 
as pretty as God originally made them, but at least they had a second chance at 
a normal life. You are lucky it isn't any higher up,,, would have been two 
bones at risk of infection.

SO by the way the bungee is set up, I have to ask if he's lost the tendon that 
rotates the foot? I had and extremely old horse develop arthritis in his, ended 
up having to custom make tall capped toes (sort of like clips, just all the way 
across the toe) and weld them onto his shoes to keep him from rubbing his toes 
off and forcing him into an angle that was straight up and down sort of like a 
mule. He'd wear his toes to nothing, but not the heels. If you end up having to 
do that let me know, I can modify the old toe covers I have left from Clint aka 
Cootus, and weld them onto your boys shoes if your farrier can pre-form them 
for me. I think I have a few left and would gladly do it for the sake of just 
doing it.I own a fab shop, so it's not like it's tough for me to do them. If 
you need them that is.

Paula J and BLM Tonka Tuff,

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