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Re: [RC] feeding and FEI - heidi

It just so happens that feeding during vet checks is one of Charlie's
(my horse) pet peeves.  He sees it as "what is in this for him" and
expects carrots (diced), apples (sliced), peppermints, graham
crackers and horse treats from the moment he comes into a hold
to the moment he leaves (he keeps his crew person, Jane, darn
busy!).  FEI or not, I have had vets both champion and challenge
this.  No vet has to ask me "how's he eatin' " when he is diving into
his carrot bag.  But to tell me that "I can't vet a horse that is eating
 like that" amazes me!  I even had a pulse person tell me that
eating would keep his pulse up....as he pulsed in at 52 right off the
trail with no water!

I've got one of those "Hoovers" too--and while I was never chided by ride
vets (although sometimes I had to struggle to get his nose off the food on
the ground long enough to trot him out), I sure got lectured by plenty of
PR people!  It's true that SOME horses won't drop as well if they are
eating, but I'm quite sure that Junior's pulse would have been far more
apt to go UP due to the argument over withholding the feed!  And likewise,
they were often counting out a pulse in the 40s or low 50s with him as
well, as they lectured me about how awful it was to feed him first thing
at checks before his pulse was taken...  I think he thought it was his
life's work to clean up every morsel of feed spilled by anyone and
everyone at vet checks, in addition to anything I may have brought for him
to eat...



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[RC] feeding and FEI, John & Sue Greenall