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RE: [RC] TMJ treatment - Libby & Quentin Llop DVM

The TMJ joint is normally a  highly mobile joint. Each TMJ is not one joint, but two, as there is a meniscus between the skull and the mandible. The jaw can consequently move in 6 directions in relation to the skull.The reason that tooth problems cause TMJ discomfort is that, when there is a slight misalignment of the teeth, the teeth wear unevenly, creating protrusions. These protrusions force the jaw backward (usually) every time the mouth is closed. For the proper chewing of food one side of the jaw must move forward while the other side crushes the feed. The protrusions thus stress the jaw joints creating discomfort.
  The first step in evaluating jaw mobility is checking the condition of the teeth. There can be restrictions in jaw mobility that persist after the teeth are fixed. A chiropractor or osteopath is trained to evaluate and correct jaw mobility.
  We share your caution about injecting cortisone in joints.
                                                                          Quentin Llop (as dictated to Libby)
Quentin is in a spinal rehab hospital in Cleveland where he is very slowly recovering both sight and mobility and appreciated your cards and good wishes very much.
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I have searched the archives and can't seem to find any past discussion RE: TMJ.   My horse had dental work and was power floated for points and waves on Monday.  The vet said she was tender on her right TMJ.  I am giving 1 gram of bute every 12 hours for 10 days (we are on day 4)  The vet told me that if she is still sore after the 10 days, to call him and he can inject cortizone in the joint.  
HOWEVER, I want to know more about this.  I don't get warm fuzzies when I imagine a needle going into her head... Help me out here - most of you have been there or seen it... Would a chiropractic adjustment be a "better" alternative??
Thanks - Mary

[RC] TMJ treatment, MJWEST02