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Re: [RC] Bitting question - Thanks TOO! - mjwest02

... Besides training issues, yes, a
bit change is often in order. A horse in a bit that offers more control for
THAT horse, where the rider does not have to tug and pull on its mouth all
day would probably be more kind than one the horse is running through.

You need to find what works for you and your horse, in trail
riding situations. Ask around at your barn to try some different bits. 
THANK YOU.   This mare came from not only an atrocious bit, but I am sure, rough hands and thinking that BULLYing will get her to do it.  I have enough common sense to know that won't cut it. My goal has been to take her all the way down to zero and climb back up.  I am always aware of my hands and try to keep them quiet, but her antics don't always help!  Since I have taken her down to a halter and feel like I have control (lateral flexion - which in my opinion is the best emergency brake and every rider should know it) I am climbing up the bit ladder finding the "perfect one" for her and me - combo match.   Arena riding is different from trails, and you have to practice trails to see what problems exist, and go back to training and practice, desensitize, etc. 
I was just a bit (pardon the pun) confused because the suggestions came back to TRAINING, and in my opinion, at least with THIS mare, training will be ongoing forever (part of the challenge I wanted when I got her!) but then I felt bad because I asked about using a bit with a little more "communication".  Pulling those blisters on my hands gave me a wake up call that my shouting wasn't phasing her - and before we crashed and burned, some thing had to be changed. 
I don't believe in starting severe and moving down, but just the opposite: start low and slow and gradually increase.    Jonni, your comments have been very encouraging and I feel I am going in the right direction in trying other options (bits along with training)
My first and foremost concern for that of my horse is her comfort - because if she is comfortable then she will listen better! I have unending patience (sometimes get frustrated, but I hang in there!)  
Besides PATIENCE comes PRACTICE!! 
Thanks - Mary and Shaker

[RC] Bitting question - Thanks TOO!, Jonni