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[RC] bitting question (now training question??) - Ed Kilpatrick

well, jonni,  you two are basically saying the same thing.   when you say schooling, she/we are saying lateral flexions, one rein stops, which is a control and speed control excercise.  no right and wrong between these posts, just a difference in wording.   so, in short, it is a training issue, not a bitting issue.
     kind of reminds me of the guy who went on a construction site and applied for a job as a bulldozer operator.  he told the foreman that he was a really good bulldozer operator, so the foreman said, "get on that D-6 over there and level that pile of fill dirt at the end of the site."  the guy got the bulldozer started and after several minutes had managed to gouge out a few chunks of the pile of fill dirt, doing what we call, cuttin' door steps with the dozer.  the foreman flagged him down, and said, "whats up?  i thought you could run a dozer?"    the guy said, "i can run the dozer just fine, but that big ole blade on the front of it is giving me a fit!"
     so, like i said, its a training issue!   :-)    cowboy ed