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[RC] guidelines - larry Miller

Cindy, I do understand.  In fact, I rode my horses for 2 years in comp, LSD, and then in the 3rd year, I went to endurance.  So between all of us throwing in our 2 cents worth, the general idea should get across.  Most of the horses I have seen hurt were the ones that went too fast too soon, and the ones that didn't have the conditioning to back them up.  Then another fact to consider is that once the horse has done the sport for  4 or 5 years, it doesn't take much to bring that horse back.  Another fact to consider is that each horse is different.  What works for one will not necessarily work for another.  But the guidelines are basically the same.  We all were beginners at one time or another, and we all learned thru experience, our own errors as well as other's errors, and by just plain observation.  And usually my sprints are no more than half a mile, but there is one stretch that is about a mile, that our guys really turn it on.  We just whoop and holler and let 'em rip.   And I should add that it isn't a solid gallop the whole way, it starts as an extended trot, by the time we round the first corner, we are in a gallop, then back to an extended trot because of footing, and then back to a gallop when we round the last corner.  What a high!!  Jeanie