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[RC] [RC] re: guidelines - DreamWeaver

My advice would be to take some of what you read on ridecamp with a grain of salt, and search out enough information so that you will know what you need to know so that you can do what is best for your horse. There is some excellent advice, for example, in the May issue of Endurance News from Robert Ribley on starting a young horse in endurance. It's probably pretty good advice for any horse, not just a young one. If you go too fast too soon, you can hurt your horse in a lot of ways. Lameness, metabolic, mentallly, the damage can accumulate and follow you throughout the horses career. If you go too slow you risk being over time. Or with some horses, maybe blisters on your hands. Gloves can fix that ;) (and really, a good endurance horse should be able to do whatever you ask of it, just be careful about asking for too much, because they will give it)

I think one of the things that will make it not as much fun, is if you decide that you must meet some sort of schedule, and that everything will fall apart if you fail to meet part of it. Don't be in a big hurry to get to a ride, if you don't feel your horse is ready then don't go, and rely on your own judgement not just others -- educate yourself enough so that you can rely on your own judgement. There will be another ride on another day, but only one of your horse.

Some of the things that I read on ridecamp, sure would never apply to me, just as some of the things I do would not work for anybody else. The horse I have been riding the most for the last year is over 3k miles now and I think he has done only one ride in under 7 hours. He is fit and strong and pretty capable of going much faster. However, that is not my goal for him and he will never do a 4 hour 50. I get a much greater satisfaction out of completing all of the days of a multiday, over winning or top tenning, all things that I have done enough to know what matters most.

Here is a link to more excellent advice, look near the bottom of the page: http://aerc.org/long_annes.asp

in NV


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