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Fwd: [RC] chronic laminitis & ulcers?? - Bobonhenry

Any help???
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Oh dear, Im so sorry you are dealing with this. Some horses can recover and some cannot no matter how valiantly you both fight.
I had a grand old Morgan gelding who was chronically laminitic. I fought it for almost 6 years. changed his diet, found the best farriers and vets. Threw thousands of dollars at the problem. Eventually his soles dropped and there was just no way for him to get comfortable. The amount of bute it took to keep him standing caused ulcers and internal bleeding. I finally realized I was keeping him alive for me not for him because I did not want to say goodbye. It ws a very sad day when i let him go, but it also was a huge relief for  both of us.

Bobonhenry@xxxxxxx wrote:
Have been treating Henry for laminitits for 3 months with bute, isoxoprine.  Still has episodes of really bad heat, pulse and lameness.
Old vet too busy to come, new one says treatment all wrong.  Stall rest in deep sand, wet for coolness.  On acepromazine for vaso dialaition.  Bute occasionally for pain, banamine instead.  Giving Zantac 2Xday with UGard until I get the Gastrogard.
Had blood work done.  New vet says that low thyroid will not contribute to lack of healing, it is the ulcer and gastric upset.
Henry has NEVER stopped eating.  NEVER.  Slightly depressed in beginning when on 4 grams of bute.  Gave him 30cc of Pepto Bismal.  Did well for a few days tried to get him weaned off bute.  But could never get to less than 2 grams a day.  1 am  and 1 pm.  
He would go a few days then heat and soreness, to a couple of weeks and heat and could not walk. He is barefoot and has a special trim every 3 weeks, no toe and looking kinda square.  Also the cupping on sole is gone.
Any help.  Since it is the weekend the old vet is no where to be to found.  The new is eager to keep trying.  The insurance company says it is my call.  If the pain is severe and too mulch to take. I should euthanize.  But without the vet okay the mortality clause may come under question.
Donna and BOB who may have to come out of retirement.
I am having trouble with the emotional rollercoaster

Kansas State Motto: Ad Astra Per Aspera.. to the stars through difficult....

BayRab Acres
Paola KS
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