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[RC] some good news to finally share! - Kathie Ford

Hey fellow ridecampers!  Some of you I've met (which is really fun!!) and some I haven't but....I just have to share this news!!!! lol
After several years of obstacles and disappointments just TRYING to get to do a first 50, my horse Cira and I completed our first one!!  We finished the American River ride and she got almost all A's with 2 B+'s..(one for mm, but it was  very early and she needed a drink), the other was gut sounds and that was at the 3 VC and went back up to an A as she ate all along the trail quite happily. Only part that was silly is I missed a critical turn and had to back track (some pulled ribbons), and wasn't sure which way the finish was. (also no markings that I saw until further up.  I had decided to wait to see what other riders behind me were gonna do from the hill we were on and then went home, but it cost me about 45 minutes!! darn!  I felt kind of dumb cause I didn't really pay attention to the map as I was riding where I had several times..thought I knew where to go!  BIG SURPRISE!  Another climb!! lol
I can't tell you how wonderful it feels and I'm so thankful for the effort my horse gave me and all with a good attitude all the way thru..
She drank so well an took good care of herself, and carried my big bottom 50 miles...I actually got a little choked up (tried to hide it behind my sunglasses! ha!) when we came in!  I just couldn't believe what she did for me!
I have to also say I feel the mentoring from others sharing knowledge and willing to take folks like me along so we can learn has been one of the main reasons we finished and I'm thankful for that as well.  They know who they are...but it is so helpful.
Was a wonderful feeling at the final trot out to have the vet say "okay, okay, that's enough!  Come on back!" and write in larges caps "VERY SOUND!" on the card!  Even underlined!
She had wonderful recoveries, learned really fast that every bucket she saw had water in it, and learned to just "quiet down" during the breaks to relax and eat.
I have to chuckle though, because her face was priceless when I put the saddle back on to do the final loop...She was okay with it, but her face was pretty funny!  I had to laugh...but her attitude was good and she looks wonderful post ride!
Was a great ride and I had fun!
take care and happy riding!!
kathie (finally got a 50!...been smiling for 2 days now!! hehe)