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[RC] Injecting hocks for mystery front end lameness!!!!! What? HELP!!!!!! - Jonni

This horse sounds like it is being asked to do too much, too fast, and in
the wrong ways. Funny you said the vet told her the horse must be ridden in
a collected frame at all times. Does the vet ride? Do they truly understand
collection? And nosebands and draw reins are NOT the way to do this. Have
her find a trainer that has a clue, and teaches classical dressage.  Have
her know how to ASK the horse to travel correct, so they horse finds it more
comfortable itself, and not something the horse is so resistant to do
causing blisters on her hands. (personally, she deserves MORE than blisters
on her hands if they were caused from sawing the horses mouth)  You said
this is a  TB/Trakehner mare? I'd guess that she would have the tendency to
be more on the hot side, than a laid back horse, and forcing it to do all of
this, after not being asked before, and after some lameness issues is not
going to make this horse a happy camper. She will get more resistant and
confused.   You can not save them all, and I'd wonder how much of what ever
you tell her will be considered anyway. She has her "trainer", who she seems
to believe is having her do the right methods with this horse. Personally,
the lameness issues are becoming secondary, to how this horse is being
handled with its "training".

Oh, I will add, that I have a horse who has some arthritic hocks, that were
only diagnosed with X-rays. Never lame on them. But, he has shifted his
weight off of them, and on to the forehand, to relieve the work load on
them. What that does, is have him trip a bunch on the front end. We will be
looking into Adaquan or Legend for him if he has to go back to doing rides.
Right now, he is hanging out in the pasture, being a horse. So yes, the
hocks can transfer to the front end issues.


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