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Re: [RC] to shoe or not... - Lynne Glazer

It's so individual IMO. Some horses can do hard abrasive surfaces without losing too much hoof or showing much sole sensitivity. Those that can't can use alternative means of hoof protection, from Easyboots to Old Macs.

And then there's the choice of shoeing.

My guy blew through an Old Mac while on a steep rocky trail, and although reconfigured with OMs behind, barefoot in front, he was instantly ouchy--he has very flat soles but otherwise gorgeous feet. My mare wouldn't have blinked at the rocks, nice cupped soles but will need protection if in more than light work due to abrasion.

So that is enough experimenting for me in terms of the boy. 1 year + barefoot, but in moderate conditioning now. My farrier just nailed on 4 natural balance shoes on him the other day without needing to trim or alter the shoes to fit. I can just get on and ride especially on those days when time is short--call me lazy if you want (in private) but please don't rev up the religious/barefoot wars here. I suspect but do not know that the cost of shoeing may be less per mile than the cost of the boots. Certainly it is pleasant to ride without looking down to make sure either the EBs or OMs are still on!


On Apr 16, 2005, at 11:35 AM, Julie Pearsall wrote:


Should I have my mare shod if most of our riding will be on rural roads, ie: tar and stone, lots of texture??


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[RC] to shoe or not..., Julie Pearsall