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Re: [RC] Cloning Questions - Sisu West Ranch

"....being born with different markings than the original...."

It is well established that many coat marking patterns are the result of random events during the development of the fetus.

For example, we have a calico cat. Like all calico cats it is a female. In the feline the gene that decides the base coat color is carried in the X chromosome. A male will have one X and one Y chromosome, and a female will have two X chromosomes. Alice inherited a copy of the grey gene and a copy of the tan gene, only one is expressed (active) in any given hair root. Which hair expresses which color was determined randomly during development. This results in patches of each color. (The white on paws and face is inherited independently and by a different mechanism). If we were to have Alice cloned, then the clone would be another calico, but with different markings. The white would also be different, because the extent of white is also determined at least partly during development..

If you think of it, it is not surprising. Compare two apple trees of the same cultivar. They are the result of vegative propigation (cloning), but they do not have branches of exactly the same size in exactly the same place. Even without pruning, much of the shape of a tree is the result of random events during development not genetics. The good news is that the taste of the fruit is genetically determined so you do get the desired apples.

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[RC] Cloning Questions, k s swigart