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Re: [RC] Brave new cloning - Chrystal

Ray- I live in Canada where for most things we do have publicly funded health care from the cradle to the grave- have yet to see any blind newborns killed or have riding outlawed as is too dangerous. :-) I live in a country that has been voted the NUMBER ONE country to live in the world-  I am glad my country had " "blithe disregard for the consequences" when they adopted the universal health care program decades ago( & I don't think they did- those are your words). You have been brainwashed by your gov't into believing you cannnot afford universal healthcare- funny how the US gov't can afford so many wars though..........................................

AND to make this endurance related ;-) I am thankful that my gov't  was/has been and will there when my horse rear  up and falls on me and puts me into the hospital - for when she stops and turns and I don't---- going straight off in to a tree and back to the hospital............. :-) :-) Man how could you ride if you DIDN'T have health ins???

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04/15/2005 12:04 PM

[RC]   Brave new cloning

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 First,do no harm.I am not afraid of cloning as such.Or change.What I am afraid of is blithe disregard for consequences."I know,let's have publicly funded cradle to the grave health care!...Sorry,you can't ride a horse anymore-too dangerous.Sorry,gotta euthanise your blind newborn." If something is a good idea now it will be a good idea after we have had time to think long and hard about it.

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[RC] Brave new cloning, Ridecamp Guest