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[RC] A good working trot? - rides2far

I've ridden with some of the best multiday horses and they trot at 14
to 14.5 mph all day long. 
I've recorded my horses trotting at over 17 mph, but I would NEVER allow
them to go that fast on a ride or for any length of time (only long
enough to get the reading on the GPS to see <G>).  Typically I like to
keep it at 10 mph or under (except for Rocky, he usually does go better
at 14 or <<<<<14.5)

So the 17 mph horses could trot 51 miles in 3 hrs, and Rocky can trot
43.5 miles in 3 hrs? Boy, our humidity must  hold us back more than I
thought...thick air and all >g<. I'm darned happy to bounce off of 12
mph, and  pleased if he trots 10 over a distance. That's gotten me plenty
of top 10's. I think the cavalry considered 7mph the ideal cavalry speed
for a long trip. I never imagined that people on the XP would have
averaged 10 mph if they were going day after day.


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