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RE: [RC] [RC] President's Cup - Nik Isahak Abdullah

If you look at international rides statistics you will come to the obvious conclusion that the UAE guys could easily get the TEAM gold anytime they choose but they were all goig for the individual gold.From now on maybe since they already have a monopoly of the individual gold then team gold would their next target.
Team gold,if you have horses and riders like them, is not difficult.It is only impossible if 3 out of theallowable 4 riders were all aiming for number one then it is quite impossible.Chances of being vetted out when you are aiming for numero uno is high++.
Malaysia had 4 average riders and 4 average horses in the last Open European Championship but since none of them was even aiming for top ten we end up being 4th in the team event.Of course 4th is not gold but we are relative newcomers in this game and equestrian and horses are alien to us until recently.


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Subject: RE: [RC]   President's Cup
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 18:50:09 +0400

> They want endurance to be an Olympic Sport, yet they may be
raising the bar so high that the very height of it will limit the
countries who will compete...and who is interested in an Olympic
competition with limited participation and total dominence by such a well
financed, non inspiring machine? >>  Angie>>

Well, there's always the silver and gold :)

Consider the past 15 years - the sport was dominated at the International
level by the USA - the other nations still participated, and they have been
studying and learning and improving. The UAE has yet to win a team Gold at a
World Championship. (though a WEC in Dubai looks pretty promising) - still,
this is Endurance, and there are still so many human factors - strategy and
pacing, control, . and luck!

Who is interested?... anybody that appreciates a good challenge!


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