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Re: [RC] [RC] President's Cup - heidi

Heidi,Truman,and all
from  WEC 1998 onward up till now ,to be fair,and statistics do not
lie,we all  have to credit to where it deservedly belong.The guys in UAE
have got it  right as far as endurance at international level is
concerned.You have to  accept that US of A and the rest have been
comphrehensively beaten in all  major international meet except the WEC
1998 when Valerie Kanavy saved the day for the rest.

Nik, I do not argue that point, and I commend those who have accomplished
what they have.

All I am saying is that we also have something which they do not--a form
of competition and longevity in the sport that is missing in FEI.

At the international level, the win is everything.  In AERC, the win is
NOT everything.  There are many ways to "win" in AERC and in American
regional endurance groups, including being able to take the SAME horse
year after year to accumulate mileage, awards for consecutive completions,

This does not take away anything from FEI.  What bothers me is the
clamboring to try to make AERC like FEI, or visa versa, or even really
compare the two in small details.  It is not the same, we ride AERC rides
for different reasons, and the accomplishments are not comparable.  Many
of our USA riders simply are not willing to expend horses in the fashion
that they must be expended to race at maximum capacity, because we have
reason to still want to ride the SAME horses for 10 year long careers or
longer.  To us, that is a goal just as important as the UAE rider
excelling in one prestigious race.

Bravo to their efforts and success.  But to say they have "beaten" the USA
at endurance is not accurate.  They have beaten us at their sport.  They
have not yet tried ours.


They're athletes! This is a partnership between horse and rider - we don't
have any jockeys out there, just pals and partners. We'd allow a rider with
a broken foot, a sore back and a nasty cold to compete - but we would never
let a horse in a similiar condition hit the trail.
~ Dr. Barney Flemming DVM

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Re: [RC] [RC] President's Cup, Nik Isahak Abdullah