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Re: [RC] [RC] Weather - Dyane Smith

By that definition, spring in Northern California too.  My old gelding
started 2-3 weeks ago.  No daffodils yet, though.


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Ya'll are all fooling yourself. Dafodils don't matter. Tree buds don't
matter. It's not Spring till you're covered with
shedding hair and trying to spit a few out of your mouth.

I guess it is spring here in Florida then....I was at the barn with my
stone scraping hair off of Alpine and trying very hard not to eat half of
it.  Why is it that the wind always blows in your direction, no matter what
side of the horse your on????

Juli and Alpine (slightly less wooly)
One of the great joys of being a pompous idiot is that you can do and
whatever you want.
~  Homer Safferwiffle

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It is how we "feel" deep inside that matters, cause each of us knows the
truth, regardless of how we try make it complicated.  It just isn't.
~ Frank Solano

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Re: [RC] [RC] Weather, Agilbxr