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Re: [RC] [RC] Weather - Laurie Durgin

My grass is starting to green , course that is becasue it rains every 3 days or so since Christmas!!! So MUd, MUD<MUD<
My ring is not really useable, (not enough base for really wet, needs 3 days to dry or more $ for base and sand).With a recouping epm'er, a green sensitive mare,and a young colt needing groundwork, I think I may see 'daylight' soon.
It has been 'cold' for us the last month or two.(Who wants to ride in a sloppy ring in 30'/40's rain? I rather ride in the hot humid ,buggy summer!!!!
I am ready for some warm spells!! The last one was in early December and I got the flu, by the time I recovered ,we were in the mud/rain season.Today it will hit 60!!!! of course I have a sore throat and feel droopy, but I am goiing to try and maybe bathe and clip Rascal "s hairy legs.I am also gong to seed more grass today inthe little 1.5 acre 'grass paddock'. I MAY actually saddle up someone!!!! if the ring is dried some.
No flowers yet, except the overwintering pansies that are drooping in the pots. But I see green spikes of daffodils popping up. I used to be a gardener, before the horses. . . I did prune my apple trees last week.
Best of all I see the SUN!!!! We hav eonly see it I think twice in the last month!!!!!
Out to put my barns clothes on, and spend the day outside!!!!!!!!!! Laurie

From: "Jim & Drin Becker" <rainbow@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [RC]   Weather
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 07:39:55 -0700

Barbara wrote
"We live on the central coast of CA. Our daffodils are blooming like mad,
but the REAL harbinger of spring is the first leaf on our birch trees
(ornamental, not native). Usually the first one shows up about
mid-February, often on Valentine's Day. I forgot to look recently, but just
for fun, when I see the first one, I'll tell on Ridecamp"

Do you guys realize how mean this is to people like me and Heidi this time of year :-) We still have over a foot of snow on the ground , and will have for at least another month . Will not see daffodils until the middle of may at the earliest ! Two cow's and a calf moose have moved into our haystack area which means we do not go out at night without taking the dogs with us so we don't run into one and get stomped . I HAVE to go to convention to get me motivated to start riding in all this snow so I can be ready for a ride the first part of may which means in this area I will be riding on snowmobile trails and sharing it with the sledders until April sometime . In the valley that separates Heidi and I they have a saying " Here in the Big Hole we get to sled 7 months out of the year ....the other 4 months we ski " :-) So you guys with all your flowers and trees blooming think of us Eskimo types and then when it is July/august in our part of the country and we are riding in 70 to 80 degree weather (no humidity) we will be thinking of you guys :-) Enjoy your spring !
Drin Becker
Mtn Region

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