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Re: [RC] JRT Puppies - Sisu West Ranch

"...you will sometimes find folks with small programs who do those things,
are VERY conscientious about the matings they ..."

That is the key to the whole thing.  Do they have a program?  Why did the
mating happen? With all animals (barn cats being a possible exception) one
must look at the program and why the mating happened.  The things discussed
here are all valid potential indicators, but there are enough exceptions
that I would not rule out a breeder just because they did or did not have
both parents.  I would rule out a breeder that did not have a plan, and did
not understand the pedigree.  But even here there could be exceptions.  It
is possible that you or a trusted advisor know more about the breeding than
a breeder and be confident that the pup or foal or adult dog or horse will
fulfill your needs and expectations.

I bought a very well bred adult Rotweiler bitch from what I suspect was an
unsuccessful small puppy mill.  The bitch had great temperment,  had an
import pedegree that looked great, and was healthy athletic etc.  I bought
her for a pet price, had her spayed and she was a great dog.  At the time I
could not raise a puppy, so I did not look at the pups crawling all over the
place.  They may have been fine, or they may have been disasters.

Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875

(406) 642-9640


Riding alone is when you teach a horse all the "tools" and "cues" he
needs to handle the trail, to hold a speed, deal with hills, etc. It's
also where you develop the "bond" that causes him to "defer" to you
before losing his cool. ~ Jim Holland ~

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