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[RC] bits and riders - Jonni Jewell

I think one of the problems with bits that I see very often is that riders
who change to bits that have the potential of being more sever because of
control issues, are not really trained or educated in that type of bit and
it's proper use. If the hands don't know how to use any particular bit, many
riders will continue to have problems with the horse. Often these horses are
sold, and the next owner has a horse that already has some bad habits, and
issues started.  Some riders who want to be "kind" to their horse by using a
particular bridle thinking they are nice to the horse, are doing worst
things by hanging on the horses mouth or head for 50 miles as they have NO
control.  While finding the best bridle set up for the horse is important,
riders need to take the responsibility to really learn and understand the
items they put on their horses head, and how they work, to be educated in
their use. A experienced horse person can use a bit that would be deemed
very sever to many riders, yet the horse is controlled with the lightest
touch on the reins. I'd much rather have a horse light in my hands, that
hanging against the reins all day on a ride. The horse would be happier too.
If you are a newbie to horses, look into educating yourself on different
bits, and their function. There is much on line that you can read, or ask at
a local well stocked tack store, if there is anyone who could educate you in
different bits and functions. Then understand the horses mouth, and how
different bits fit different. With that, understand the bitless bridles, and
where the pressure is applied with the different styles. I have a horse I
could ride in a halter by himself on training rides, but on a ride, his
brain shorts out, and I need something more. The problem often is, that you
can not work on the over all issue of the brain turning off, if you can not
get the communication to the brain.  Kind of a vicious circle with some
horses. But get that brain tuned in to you with some schooling, and often
you won't need more "sever" bits to get the job done.

I found often I can get the same "endurance ride" brain fade, just by doing
a training ride with a group of friends, as to just one other friend (or
riding alone).

Jonni (I also love the French Link type bit to start the young
horses...never knew is was as popular as it is!)


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