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RE: [RC] help with equipment - Stephanie E Caldwell

Animal Tacker has changed hands, someone bought it last year.


I’ve got some Sporttack Biothane that is older but looks good. I also have some Canadian Trail House Biothane that is excellent quality.


Has anyone ever heard of a manufacturer called Michaleks? I’ve got some of their Biothane and I *love* it! Would like to find them and get some more… What I have I bought used and it’s starting to wear out.




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There are a few people who make the tack.  One is AnimalTacker and you should be able to find her on the ridecamp advertizement section.  I have one halter bridle biothane that has separated from the webbing after several yrs of being used but one was definitely after the darn horse pulled back.  It has some deterioration from the sun.  Not much is untouched by the TX sun.  I do love it as I can throw it in the wash machine with the rest of the pads and wash it up or hose it down.  I have one set I bought in 2000 and it looks and almost feels like leather.  One difficulty is getting it worked on locally.  It takes a special machine to sew it if any stitcheing comes out.   We are still using the first set I bought back in the late 80s.   Just be sure to not get it too big if you are riding Arabs.  I am now heading in the Parelli direction and LOVE the rope halters.  Used to have a mare that could break ANY halter.  Animal Tacker used to go to almost all the TX endurance rides but she also goes to other rides.  mas

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From: Linda Guidry

Sent: Friday, December 31, 2004 4:58 AM

Subject: Re: [RC] help with equipment


Thank you all for the help! I am now pretty confused between the Bio Thane
and the Zilco tack. Whats the biggest difference here? Is one any stronger
than the other? Who uses the better hardware on their Zilco tack halter

Thanks ,


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Re: [RC] help with equipment, Mary Ann Spencer