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[RC] Fwd: Christmas Gifts - Diana Anderson

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Kathy,   I wore a pair of knit stretch gloves and Ariat paddox boots.  My hands and feet stay pretty warm.  The key is to keep your core warm I layer.  When at home schooling I wear.  undershirt, tight longsleave shirt, tight polar fleece vest, polar fleece jacket and a goretex coat that breaks the wind.   And a very stupid looking hat that goes over my helmet. I carry an extra pair of gloves and a pair of the 180 ear muffs inside my vest to keep them warm. Between the lumps in my torso and the silly hat and a horse who does not like his half sheet we are a very funny show to watch.  I always get comments from my neighbors.  
 By the time I slow to cool my horse I am usually down to at least the the vest and winter riding breeches.  As we cool down I put it all back on and exchange my gloves.
It really isn't so bad.  The sun was shining and there was no wind.  It is a wonderful feeling to ride through the snow.  I have never ridden down a beach so I pretend this is better. 
I have to share a first.  The moon was full last night and the shadow long when I went out to check the horses.  I had never ridden late a night.  So I saddled up and went out.  There are only a few times in my life that have been better.  It was COLD the air sparkled with crystal glitter.  I walked out into a poem. 
Hardships make us appreciate these things.  I would say that is part of why we do this sport. 
Sorry for the long wind,  I am usually a lurker and will head back to the sidelines. 

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