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[RC] christmas gifts - oddfarm

I have stopped asking for things for Christmas because I am an e-bay addict all year. I got this cool speaker system that you can put on the back of your saddle and it jams! I always ride with music and I like it LOUD!
I love saddles. My husband's friend went to Egypt around Thanksgiving and brought back an Egyptian saddle, bridle, halter and lead and breast collar. Complete with shells and beads. I LOVE it!! My man is soooo thoughtful.
The week before Christmas, a mare that I bought cheap who ended up seeming to have great endurance potential, had to go the University for eye problems. At first they said it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Then it took a turn for the worst. Then they had to do surgery as the eye had ruptured. Of course.
We are not rich by any stretch of the imagination. Animals are not cheap, especially horses. We try to give our animals a quality of life that they deserve and we love them all dearly. I have been worrying about the cost of this eyeball. It is not effecting the quality of her life other than we may have to get a seeing eye dog for the horse and put up braille (sp?) signs for gates :) But we certainly couldn't see putting her down for the loss of an eyeball. But the alternative has been quite costly.
I told John last night we needed to get this horse home because the daily boarding cost alone is off the charts,  and he said, "Leave her there until the Doc says it is time to bring her home." That meant more to me than any gift or holiday. He never, ever says a word about the cost of vet care, shoeing, tack, going to rides and other horse stuff. He never tells me "no", I can't go, can't do it, can't have another horse or cat or dog. Even when I know he should. For that, I am truly thankful.
To have such a supportive and loving spouse is rare. To have one that loves and supports a horse person, qualifies them for sainthood. Let's all be thankful for the gift of love from our spouses, families and friends who support us animal lovers even when they just don't understand ;) 
Happy New Year!
The Oddf Arm