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[RC] LD/Endurance miles - Dean A. Conti

Seeing a letter such as the one from Jason is very disturbing to me as I can only think of two reasons why someone would feel compelled to submit something so divisive. Perhaps he has witnessed or been victim of some extremely unacceptable behavior from people that believe in the current LD/Endurance mile definitions. If that is the case then I am truly sorry. If not, then he can only be trying to make any meaningful discourse on the subject impossible, and for what purposes I know not.


This is only my first year of involvement in Endurance Riding but I have not been aware of anyone deriding someone for competing in LD, either on a ride or on Ridecamp. I now have 85 miles LD and 325 miles Endurance, completing 25s, 30, 50s, 60, 75 and 100 (2 pulls, bad me). I started with an LD and went back to them as the need arose. Not once did I feel slighted doing the shorter distances. I did appreciate, however, getting the same recognition/awards and chance to compete for BC at the shorter distances even though the miles were classified as LD. This helped me break into the long distances.


IMHO the current system works well. For me each mile on a longer ride is harder to prepare for, complete and recuperate from. Riding four 25s is not the same as one 100, IMHO based on my limited experience. In foot racing doesn’t the distance have to be greater than a certain, arbitrarily defined value before it is considered a marathon? Does this devalue the people that run the mile or 100 yard dash? I don’t think so.


Ultimately I don’t give a hoot how the miles are classified. The most important rewards have been the sunrises and sunsets. Clear night skies filled with the moon and stars, coyotes and rattlesnakes (well alright, forget about them).  Memories for a lifetime of places and people, collected equally in LD and Endurance.


Dean Conti



Please Reply to: Jason ldselitegroup@xxxxxxxxx or=




I am going to be bad here, but I just can't help myself!


The issue of the "Holy 50 Mile Endurance Rider" and that they are=

 above all other riders and mean to EXCLUDE the LD's as=

 "endurance riders.... is making me sick!


How can a group of "caring" horse people - step on the back of=

 LD's to make themselves look "better"?


Like I said I am going to be bad here because common sense seems=

 to escape this "elite" group of endurance riders. Maybe we=

 should call all 50's - wanna-be endurance riders, and LD's -=

 baby riders as ONLY (in the USA anyway)  would the people that=

 FINISH Tevis would qualify to be an "Endurance Rider". So the=

 50's are still "trying and learning" and since they are they=

 don't count either. Oh, and you folks that said "respect" for="">

 the horse, it wont count for the 50's either - just like the=

 LD's 'respect" for the horse doesn't count. Oh brother!