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Re: [RC] Mares Tying Up - heidi

And this Heidi is exactly why I posted to get some "food for thought "
:-)  You bring up some really good points and  my vet thinks I may be
jumping the  gun here as well as so far it was a one time deal but I
never want to go  through that scenario again (knock on wood) I had Dr.
Foss run all the tests  he could and we went over everything we could
think of as you know and we  still are not coming up with a cause . She
was low in calcium and Dr. Foss  thought that maybe give her a flake of
alfalfa for a few days before her  ride may solve the problem .

That in itself could well be a factor.  Worth a try, before you resort to

I'd also consider that there was some causative factor at the ride
(weather, water, whatever) since you were not alone in having this happen,
and since both Ruffy and the gelding who also tied up were both started
slowly and sanely that morning and still tied up within a few miles of the

Its just
such a kick in the gut to get a 3 day  Overall Best of Condition one
month and then the next be standing under a  tree watching many many
bags of IV fluids being put into your horse ! So I  guess maybe take a
step back and finish a few rides next spring and see how  it goes before
making a decision that can't be undone .

I'll bet!  But yes, that would be the best approach, IMO.  And perhaps
trying the bit of alfalfa.  (I think we already discussed the whole bit
about how the hormone calcitonin works, etc.)



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