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[RC] Fw: Poem - arabians



His breath hangs like silk in the still morning air
As he patiently waits by the gate.
He must think it's a beautiful day for a ride
Nevermind the chill winds that I hate.

I watch from the window and he knows that I'm there.
Guilt is his weapon of choice.
He watches the house,watching me watching him.
His desire to go needs no voice.

Only for him do I visit his land.
Of desolate, frost ridden fields.
For I, unlike him, am not armored by hair
I loathe wind and the snow that it wields.

He craves the sharp crack of ice neath his feet,
The cadence of hooves on the ground,
The chill whip of his mane in the wind,
It whistles, his favorite sound.

I'm like a hothouse flower,
But he's more the evergreen tree
He dreads the heat and I hate the cold
Spring's the only time we agree.

But only for him, I reach for my coat
and pull on my long underwear
Stuff my hands in my gloves, find my warm hat
and take him up on his dare.

He nickers to me as I leave the house
Knowing he's getting his way
He's right..... if it weren't 20 billion below
It'd sure be a beautiful day!!

The neighbors, they call us "The Frostbite Express"
When down the lane we flee
leaving hoofprints behind us, in the deep snow
This big, hairy horse, and me.