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Re: [RC] Cost of Shoeing - RDCARRIE

In a message dated 12/9/2004 11:21:09 AM Central Standard Time, christina_mccarthy@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Can somebody explain to me the cost's involved in shoeing?  The 4 shoes
certainly and taking them off and on?  Cost of ferriers time,
trimming...everything.  Currently I get charged 95$ every 6 weeks and the
shoes are removed, trimmed and I guess put back on...is that a good price?

What about just removing the shoes?

Here in Huntsville, TX we pay $75 for shoeing.  Our farrier will reset the old shoes once if they're in good shape, and when he does that, it's $70.  Trims are $25.  If he just pulls shoes and trims (leaves horse barefoot), it's $25.  We have our horses done every 5 weeks.  The ones that are barefoot could probably go 6 weeks, but we prefer to keep our distance horses' feet done every 5 wks, so just have everyone done at the same time.

This guy is worth his weight in gold.  He's never late (well, once he showed up at 7:35 am rather than 7:30, and apologized for being late), always calls the night before to confirm the appt., and if a horse looses a shoe (happened once to one of ours, and once on a horse we were borrowing), he's out immediately to replace it.  And he does a good job.  What more could we ask for?  :)