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Re: [RC] Cost of Shoeing - gary affleck

Depends where you live.  Sounds a little high to me.  I'm above Sacramento about 40 minutes.  I was paying $75.00, just had a Ferrier move up into this neck of the woods from the Bay Area and he's getting $85.00.  If my horse throws a shoe, he's out to fix or replace at no charge.  Does your horse need or require shoeing every 6 weeks?  Depends on the horse, I've heard of people shoeing every 4 weeks.  Problem was the hoof didn't grow enough and the Ferrier had problems with getting good hoof to nail into.  My horse usually goes 7 or eight. Two weeks ago I had them pulled and just trimmed.  Giving him a rest from the shoes during the muddy, wet winter; probably get shoes back on about Feb or March.  In the winter his feet slow down the growth so his next trim is 8 weeks from the last.  If he needs it sooner or later, I'll just call him.       G.Affleck  
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Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2004 9:16 AM
Subject: [RC] Cost of Shoeing

Can somebody explain to me the cost's involved in shoeing?  The 4 shoes
certainly and taking them off and on?  Cost of ferriers time,
trimming...everything.  Currently I get charged 95$ every 6 weeks and the
shoes are removed, trimmed and I guess put back on...is that a good price?

What about just removing the shoes?

Thanks for all your input..

Chris & JJ


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[RC] Cost of Shoeing, Christina McCarthy