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Re: [RC] LD vs Endurance - Prefontaine - Kathy Myers

Truman wrote:

> "
Steve Prefontain was the first true marathon runner in the US and
> would have probably won the '72 Olympics if not for his untimely
> death flipping his ragtop


When you speak with "the voice of knowledge", you should check your facts first.
Steve Prefontaine ran in the 1972 Olympics, the one infamous for the shootings
and killings of  Israeli athletes.  He was hoping and training to run again in the
*1976* Olypmpics.  He did not die in 1972, he died in 1975.

I am unable to find one webpage that mentions Steve EVER running a marathon. 
He ran longer distances than the sprints... he held records at 2000, 5000 meters,
2 miles, 6 miles.  Here is a quote from a website found with a very minimal
"google" search:


Steve Prefontaine  1951 - 1975
A man who was favored to win the 5,000 Meter run at the 1976 Montreal
Olympics. A man who owned every American running record from 2,000 Meters
to 10,000 Meters and 2 Miles to 6 Miles at the time of his tragic death in 1975."

Just FYI, if you can't be bothered to look up these simple facts to quote them
properly, it greatly reduces the impact of any other "facts" you may choose to
post to Ridecamp. 

BTW, Steve wanted to be part of the shorter "glory" distances, but his coach told
him to instead shine at his best distance(s) and "Make people care about the
5000 meters." 

It's too bad we lost him too soon.  His name is not remembered by the masses
for finishing 4th at the 1972 Olypmpics or being an integral part of the beginnings
of Nike and running shoes as we know them.

Facts, Truman, Facts.  You preach them all the time.  It's quite interesting to
see such an erroneous post from you. 

Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM
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