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[RC] LDs as Endurance/qualificataions - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

If the vets are strict and the managers sharp those moving up to the 50's 
would be much better prepared.  If you can't complete an LD safely should 
you really be allowed to try a 50?  What damage would I have done to my 
young horse had I been allowed to continue slightly >>>gimpy and done a 
full 50?

Vets pull for lameness on 50's too. If your horse had been slightly gimpy, 
you'd have pulled just the same in a 50. Honestly, if I were coming up with 
qualifications for doing a 50 I think I'd be more likely to vote for a written 
test like for a driver's license...of course they'd need to know all the same 
things before doing a 25 too. I can see it now:

You are on the trail and your horse suddenly doesn't want to go forward waking 
with a stilted gait and his muscles in his rump feel very hard. Should you:
A: Keep him walking even if it requires a whip, and don't let him lay down or 
B. Stop immediately and cover his rump with your jacket, send for help  and 
stay put!
C. Give your horse every tube of banamine that anyone who stops offers and drag 
him to the next road crossing.
D. None of the above.

Hmmm, I kinda like this quiz idea. Some vet wanna make one up that we could 
give out on a voluntary basis? I'd like to brush up on some of these things. It 
is scarey to think of a newcomer not knowing what to do in situations that come 
along pretty often.



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