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[RC] Feeding Questions - sherman

I found the following information when researching ways to increase a horse's appetite. The article does NOT address appetite, it's referring to feeding the equine athlete, and does talk about feeding oats.
*Include a dietary aid such as live yeast culture. Live yeast culture can improve feed utilization and helps stabilize the environment in a horse's hind gut - where most of the dietary problems arise. There are supplements on the market that contain a whole range of live bacteria and enzymes but these can be expensive. Live yeast culture is available in a number of prepared feeds including StableMaster Cool Command, Energise Plus and the supplement Groom.
*Try to feed highly digestible feeds that do not generate as much heat during the digestion process. This applies to processed, steam rolled grains, extruded corn, pelleted feeds and oil. This will reduce the horse's total heat load.
*Use whole oats. There will never be a better whole cereal for horses than oats. They are high in fibre, high in oil, very palatable and the starch is predominantly digested in the small intestine. If your horse can take oats - feed them whole and feed them often.
The article I found on increasing appetite, claimed that a product called Ration Plus for Horses, which has some sort of enzymes in it (a bacteria-based probiotic). http://store.longacresfarm.com/RP_horses1.aspx#Proof
Is this information accurate, Susan G.? Is it possible that this supplement would really help a horse to gain weight and actually have an increased appetite?
My mare has hay in front of her 24/7 (red oat, oat/wheat/barley, aflalfa), she just does not have the desire to eat much. She doesn't even finish her mash of beet pulp, sunflower seeds, and rolled oats,  UNLESS I add LMF Senior to it. She also will only eat carrots occasionally, and never apples, however, she loves Manna Pro Apple Wafers. I've been trying to put weight on her since June, she's gained some, but still needs more. What do I do now?