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Re: [RC] p.s. to posting about hard to catch horse - Faustina Duffy

Have you tried to give him more one on one time?  The discussion of the long walks sounds like it would be tailor made for him....he needs a reason (and a chance) to bond with you-I also support the suggestion of just sitting out there with your book.  If he comes up, try to find his itchy spots (center of the chest makes my young filly melt....) and then go back to your book, on and off...Good Luck!
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Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2004 10:18 PM
Subject: [RC] p.s. to posting about hard to catch horse

I was trying not to project my emtions and thought onto Sunny when I told you guys about how hard he is to catch. But now I think I should add this to my first posting:
    1.) Sunny was loved by a 17-year-old girl name Ashley, as if he was the center of the universe, before he came to me four months ago. (She sold him because she became homeless and couldn't afford his boarding fees.) When he arrived at my home in Southern Oregon, I thought he was going to belong to my friend, but my friend decided she "wasn't really into horses" and I was given the chance to buy this very special horse.
    2.)  I feel he is heart broken not to have his old teenager at his feet -- she literally slept in his stall.
    3.) I, being 39 -- admit to being this crazy with Vashka, who is my first horse and who came to me recently after my father's death four years ago.
    4.) So while I am trying to bring Sunny into the herd and into my heart, I think he feels sad and "left out." I am giving him homeopathics for grief (flower essences, ect.) but he is slow in coming along, and slow to trust. I can't say as I blame him.

[RC] p.s. to posting about hard to catch horse, LTYearwood