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RE: [RC] great ride, if only i can catch him..... - StephTeeter

This may not work for you - but it works for me with the one horse I have who is hard to catch (Great Santini) - if I just sort of wander around the pasture, with some baling twin in my back pocket (I know better than to carry a halter and lead) -and start looking at everybody's feet. Eventually walk over towards Santini, concentrating on his feet - I can walk right over and pick up a foot, and then he doesn't even think about running off. Then I just work my way up his legs with my hands, and then the rest of his body - put the baling twine around his neck and he's mine. Works every time.
I heard somebody tell me once - from a horse training perspective - "if you can control the horse's feet, you can control the horse". Seems to work on the ground as well. 
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Subject: [RC] great ride, if only i can catch him.....

Okay. This is a bit embarassing.
I have recently become the new owner of a terrific Arabian. Sunny rides great -- BIG, floating trot. Lots of stamina. Will make an incredible endurance horse, I think. The only problem is that it takes me a loooooong time to catch him.
My other Arab, Vashka, is easy to catch. Unless Sunny gets him going and then forget it.
I tried a kind of John Lyons approach by chasing him around the pasture, which got him so tired he wanted to join up and come to me. 
Only now the pasture is very soppy and when the horses run I close my eyes because I get nervous about how they slip around and nearly fall.........
I have tried apples, his favorite. I have tried buckets of oats........
I have tried putting them in smaller spaces but then they just show me how athletic they are with their tightly woven turns and agile side passess........
I would really appreciate some advice, as I can see my neighbor across the street staring through her kitchen window and laughing at me as I run after these Aaaaa-rabs....

[RC] great ride, if only i can catch him....., LTYearwood