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Re: [RC] posting to ridecamp &not personal emails - Suzi Maiorisi

When you hit reply LOOK in the To: box...sometimes ridecamp will be there, sometimes it's in the CC: box, if you don't want to post to an individual take the other individual names out of the To: box and leave ridecamp, or if ridecamp is in the CC: box, move it up to To: and delete all others...
Posting this twice so you can see the difference
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Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2004 8:00 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] posting to ridecamp &not personal emails

No, Ed.  If you hit 'reply' -- the 'To' line of your new message will have only the individual's address.  If you hit 'reply all' then the 'To' line of your message will show both the individual and Ridecamp, though you can always manually delete the person's e-mail address if you like.
Try it.  Just play around with clicking on 'reply' and 'reply all' -- without actually sending these practice messages, of course.
(who chose 'reply all' -- so Ed should get two copies of this message, one directly and one via Ridecamp)
----- Original Message -----

BUT,  if you post only to ridecamp, and do not use the "reply all" feature,  then your message only goes to ridecamp, right?  then, you just go to ridecamp and read what you want to.  of course, if people send these posts to your box also, you can always just "delete".  you dont have to read it.   you can also block addresses, if you dont want this mail coming to your personal box.       ed

[RC] posting to ridecamp &not personal emails, Ed Kilpatrick
Re: [RC] posting to ridecamp &not personal emails, Cynthia Eyler