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Re: [RC] Statistics on rides, distances, and AERC membership - DVeritas

In a message dated 11/28/2004 3:14:03 PM Mountain Standard Time, stephteeter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
And I think a lot of the 'ride for challenge and
scenery' riders are finding the multidays more satisfying than one-day
"To Finish Is To Win," to many, isn't just an AERC motto.
Much of what you address, Steph, in your email could be interpreted (by some) as "winning is to win" and to do that, going fast and knowing how to pace during that sort of evolution would be of paramount importance.
    I certainly understand the diversity of our sport, heck, I am fond of saying that there is something for everyone who wants to ride endurance.
    As for some folks wanting to drive "a wedge" between AERC-fond riders and FEI-fond riders, I don't believe it.  I believe that folks have their opinions and are entitled to them, and as members of this organization, are responsible for voicing them.  The BOD will always do what the BOD does...members should at least feel free to opine.
    A "ride for challenge and scenery rider",