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RE: [RC] It Ain't Florida This Time yahoo no more 2004 you decide hype - ColleenSupersat2

It is good to reply... Kerry is a traitor period!  
Spending is in the hands of Congress incase you didn't know...we claim it's
the pres...but it's not...we claim it's the democrats - no we claim It's the
republicans.. and it's our government...The all spend!  Kerry would have
been no different.  The jobs that went away, over seas, you can thank NAFTA
that was Clinton's watch.  I am not defending Bush...I am stating the facts.
Our government has contributed greatly to the demise of the American Dream. 
Taxing small business so much we don't make a profit.  Employees demand
wages that are supported by the cost of the products being manufactured.  If
a product cost 5 buck in material 5 bucks labor and the company over head is
5 bucks to open the door, and if the item sells for only 9 bucks tell me how
this company is going to offer medical insurance or keep their doors open. 
Yet we the people...are working hard to keep our government in funded so the
legislators can keep spending money and adding programs to the tax role.

A president does not spend the money...he reject or okay it and if he veto's
it the legislature supersedes him. 

Our economy was on the way down because the dotcommers had stock over
priced...that was fraud...really. It was the new way to make money...
Mind you we do not manufacture anything any more...what made our nation free
was our ability to manufacture what we needed and it kept our money in our
country paying our people.  Our government for years has been lowering
tariffs (not Bush) to encourage imports...we Americans won't pay the cost
for our products because China/Japan/etc are sending same items we use to
manufacture but they are 1/2 the price...therefore  our companies close down
and we are not relying and vulnerable to China/Japan etc...For all that we
wear, tools we use, you name it.  By the way the food that we grew is
lessening too by 25% per year. We will be vulnerable for our food too and
soon .,.so who you going to blame...Bush. the government or us...  
This is the worst economy but it wasn't caused by Bush...it's been happening
for years..it's just getting here...Clinton didn't grow/make the economy
better...our computer business made that happen...it's was the computer
age's time...it reached its peak and fell.  Then there greenspan upping the
interest rate so high no one could pay off the credit debt...greenspan
manipulates our economy and don't think other wise...or you will be
incorrect.  There is so much to be said...good point for both of us. 

Thank you for the dialog...I appreciate and look forward to your response.  

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Subject: RE: [RC] It Ain't Florida This Time yahoo no more 2004 you decide

Okay, I KNOW I'll get blasted, but.....c'mon!!! 
You're for Bush but are complaining about spending? 
Who do you think is doing the spending?  Passing
legislature against us?  Again....who do you think is
supporting that?  and "May our world be in peace,
love, prosperity and good
health."  Bush has initiated war, the US is in the
worst economic condition it has been in for years, we
have been kicked out of the UN, and have you spoken
with anyone concerning the price of medication lately?
We aren't even allowed to buy it from Canada
anymore.....all thanks to Bush.  Sorry, but had to

Esther and Chagalle, who worries about the price of
his feed going up and up and up 

--- ColleenSupersat2 <colleen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It's a good thing that Bush won...Kerry, betrayed
our Viet Nam troops and
that's his record not my imagination. And for that
issue along, our troop's
lives would be in jeopardy with Kerry as the
"commander and chief.  

On a lighter side 
The Wilderness act will at least stay stagnant for 4
more years.
Bush supposedly will not be adding acreage to the
Wilderness Act.
He has actually opened a few roads up here in
Idaho..We are happy about

Divided??? You know I would never think of asking a
person I am riding with
if they are a democrat or republican, do you? 
The government would like us to think we are
divided..But it is our
government that is divided...they need to change
their mindset and work
together. They need to get to work and represent the
people that put them
there...and stop passing legislature against us. 
The concept of NOT
SPENDING isn't in their scope of thought. 

And no more 2004 you decide hype...and that is a
good thing.

Ride long, ride safe and smell the winter in the

May our world be in peace, love, prosperity and good

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To: Howard Bramhall
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Subject: Re: [RC] It Ain't Florida This Time

Well howard all I can say is remember not all people
who live in Ohio are
FROM Ohio.



                      "Howard Bramhall"


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Subject:  [RC]   It Ain't
Florida This Time                                   



                      11/03/2004 08:56 AM



What a country!!!!  Ha, no politics on Ridecamp? 
Who said that one?
joking, right?

Well, I never heard of a provisional vote before but
looks like we're all
getting a good education on what it is today.  OHIO.
 Whew, thank goodness
it ain't Florida this time.  Looks like Bush coming
down here and passing
out ice after each of our 4 hurricanes paid off. 
ICE is damned important
when you ain't got no AC.

Well, for me, it's over.  Kerry can drag it out for
11 more days, but,
there's just no way.  For awhile there, I was hoping
W would get the
vote but lose the college.  Pay backs are a BIT
(oops, that words on the
list of ones not to use).

I'm going to go take a nap.  Been up all night.  Not
sure why I care so
much, but, I do.  4 more years.  I know that's going
to make some of  ya'll

quite happy.  We'll see.  I wonder how our boys in
Iraq feel about all of
this?  I know how I'd feel if I was over there.

God bless America.  It's a shame we're so divided in
this country.  It
have been done so differently.  Didn't you get the
feeling, right after
9/11, that we were more united than ever before. 
And, what happened?  It's

a darn shame we weren't able to maintain that
feeling even though it was
because of such a horrible event.

Someone owes me a case of beer.  IT's good to lose
once in awhile.  Lose
election, gain some weight. This case just might
tilt the scales and make
a heavyweight, without the water bottles.

Please, send beer, to me, Howard Bramhall, 67
Buckskin Lane, Ormond Beach,
(it's not us this time)FL  32174.  I wish I was in
Tennessee but, alas, not

till Thanksgiving (soon enough I guess).  No matter
where I be, after this
election, it's time to do some serious drinking!

Go riding today.  IT's a beautiful day and one where
everyone should be
that we live in a land where we can actually choose
who our President is.
dont' think it quite works that way over in the UAE.

And, to my fellow Democrats on here (how many of ya?
 4, maybe?), even
though you might be a little depressed, think of the
camel jockeys over in
the UAE and what their lives are like.  This won't
cheer you up but it
get you to thinking that there are worse things
going on.  Things not
covered on the news.  At least not yet.  But, after
the election, they will

need something to discuss.  Too bad CNN doesn't have
a Ridecamp channel.

Howard  (politics sure ain't pretty; freedom covers
all, the good, the bad
and, the ugly)

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RE: [RC] It Ain't Florida This Time yahoo no more 2004 you decide hype, brncntry