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RE: [RC] does weight really matter? - Marlene Moss

Well, that definitely makes some logical sense, but the horse (or
person) carrying more may develop stronger bones, tendons, ligaments,
muscles that keep them in better shape overall.  I most definitely don't
have a clue where that dividing line could be - making the horse
stronger vs beginning to break them down.

But if that is the case then maybe we'd have to factor in how long that
horse has been ridden by a certain weight and that would really
complicate things!  I think we have to keep the focus on the individual

I definitely don't have enough experience in this sport to make specific
claims, but this has definitely been an interesting discussion and I
know that my 2 person and roughly 6 horse study has shown that genetics
and conditioning have played a bigger role than rider weight.

Marlene Moss
www.mphr.org (Mustang Performance Horse Registry)
719-351-5037 (cell)
719-748-9073 (home)

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From: Karen Clanin [mailto:kclanin@xxxxxxx] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 9:52 AM
To: Marlene Moss; Ridecamp
Subject: RE: [RC] does weight really matter?


the one think i believe that might be  overlooked here is that 2 horses
equal size and equal conformation may down the road show the effects of
carrying more weight and by that i a mean how that horse carrying the
weight holds up physically in the long run.

think about it, if you have 2 humans of equal size/body type carrying
packs (one lighter one heavier) for years who do you think is going to
arthritis etc first?

for the moment, or a few years, you may be correct that "weight doesn't 
matter" but i think for the horse in the long run it will.



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RE: [RC] does weight really matter?, Karen Clanin