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RE: [RC] does weight really matter? - Marlene Moss

<< So...can you get your husband to train your horse for you?>>

Haha - he just had to fire one of his managers and is now working 6 days
a week.  So this winter I'll be either riding or ponying his horse, plus
I'm trying to condition 2 myself, so all of our horses will be noticing
our weight this year!

But that makes sense as far as heart rate.  When we are riding horses
that are at a similar level (and breeding) their heart rates are very
similar.  I've been riding either a mustang or arab saddlebred cross to
his arab this year and his horse has the lower rate, even though she
started higher when he got her.

I'm sure there is some weight effect, but I really don't think it is as
great as we're making it out.  If we all had heavyweights conditioning
our horses, then I think we'd have to pay attention to weight during
competition, but I doubt that's the typical case!

One of the things I always thought was cool about horse sports was that
men and women compete equally.  I think Julie is right and maybe getting
rid of the weight divisions should be considered.  It really seems more
of a way to spread awards than even out the playing field.

Marlene Moss
www.mphr.org (Mustang Performance Horse Registry)
719-351-5037 (cell)
719-748-9073 (home)


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