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[RC] towing horse trailer with RV - Mary Ann Spencer

Last week I towed my 4 horse stock with one horse and some bales of hay from TX to CA.  It is a 91 Ford 460 in a 33 ft NICE motor home but we are under powered for hills and it seems to be set up to cruise at 55-60 max.  I don't mind the slower cruising as I worry about sudden stops at high speeds.  The 460 has been replaced by the V10.  Both are gas gussilers.  The diesels go faster but I don't know how much better the gas milege is.  I know someone who has diesel pickup and gets 12 mpg not towing.  Others have said they get up to 18.  The last tank of gas I checked mps on was not towing and it was 6.7mpg with a combination going over one mountain pass and a variety of hills.   One problem I have is getting into a level gas station.  Truck stops have more consistent prices and more room to get in to get a level are to gas up.  That becomes a real problem with the trailer behind.  Having a camera is INVALUABLE.  I can hook it up alone.  HOWEVER, not in the dark.  
I need a bumper sticker that says:  don't laugh its paid for!!!!
I have learned to just lumber along.  Entering freeways is a challenge.  I don't go into the slow lane anymore as they cars won't let you back in when it goes back to one lane.  SOOOO I just let them race around me.  Had a close call towing my horse when I was not given space to get back to the one lane. 
When one arrives at the camp site it is so nice not to have to unload any but the horse and horse feed supplies.  
I also go places without horses and that is why I like motor homes.  We just can do fast accelerations so have to be VERY defensive in driving habits. 
                        IMHO  Mary Ann