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[RC] bitting question/back muscles - shgerbey

Went for a nice ride on my guy yesterday and then came back
and had a lesson with him...actually my instructor rode him
and I watched...amazing to seeing him move under her...He
was beautiful!

Had an issue a few months ago with pinchmarks/ulcer looking
things(yesterday it was more like bloodblisters) on the
inside of his mouth...have to roll the corners of his mouth
out to see them.  When we first had the problem he was in a
loose ring french link with a sweet iron mouth and
copper...switched him to a stainless loose ring french
link...in my mind I was wondering if it had anything to do
with the sweet iron.

Any insight at all into this will be helpful.  Am gonna try
him in a hackamore...

Also this is the first time she has seen his back in a
while...had been lunging him quite regularly before but not
in the last few months...said he is going hollow in the back
and is loosing muscle tone behind the withers and in his
back..does any of this sound familiar to anyone. She says it
is not a saddle fit problem but a way of going
problem...always gets A's on the back after a fifty.  He
does like to run withe nose up in the air sometime.  This is
the guy I wrote about awhile back that likes to canter with
the nose really low after we have been out for about 20miles
or so...

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated...



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