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[RC] Question about weight divisions - Kristen A Fisher

Aside from all this flap, I have an honest question about weight divisions. When I joined AERC, I was definitely well within HW range. After a year of competition and training, the 2x I was in top ten I weighed in at 209 [hurrah for the Abetta - my mare doesn't need to carry anything heaver]. So I am wondering if I need to go to MW [although I realize 209 is within the 4%].
I know that Laura's comment below is tongue in cheek, but if you are heavier than your range, and you ride in the lower division, doesn't that give you an unfair advantage that you will weigh heavier than other MWs and thus get more points for that section of BC?
Maybe this is not a BC issue at all but rather competing against other people for a year end weight division award? I guess I don't fully understand the issue?
Kristen in TX
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Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2004 2:32 PM
Subject: [RC] Weight divisions- True Confessions....

With all the flap about wt divisions and the DAL nominations I have to let ya'll know that I am mostly just over the line as a heavyweight and ride as a middle weight....SO VOTE FOR ME!!!
Disclaimer.....for those of you who don't know my stupid sense of humor....I AM JUST KIDDING!!!!!  Well, not about being on the line between HW and MW, just about the 'vote for me' because of it.
Geesh, one gets worried about how one is taken on this forum.....
;-) see the smiley face????
Laura Hayes