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Re: [RC] Walker's in Endurance - Truman Prevatt

I sure wish there were multidays back when I was riding the mare. Many a time I went out for a 20 mile ride the day after a 50 on her and she was a rip snorting ready to do back out as the day of the ride. I was also a lot fresher since I didn't have to deal with a spooking horse for 50 miles the day before.

If the history of the walking horse is accurate and I suspect it is since there is a university that specializes in it the multiday should perfectly matched to the walker.


rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Wild Risk has been mostly an LD horse but if I heard them tell it right
recently has NEVER BEEN PULLED in those 11 years. The moral is.. a little
dished head is not required for soundness. Anybody who has met Wild Risk
will understand where I'm coming from. >g< I think either Becky Siler or
Genie Stewart-Spears should get a good photo of Risk sniffing nostrils
with the typiest Arab around. Would make a GREAT  cover shot for EN. :-)

You might want to check the percentages of Walkers in multi-days. Seems I
was noticing once that there were more than average numbers of Walkers in
the multi-days.  I have an elderly uncle who lives near me and raises
Walkers. He's got 13 right now with some 2 & 3 year olds he needs broke.
He's about 75 and has had massive heart problems. He's been complaining
about how much people want to break one and just wants somebody to "get
on them a couple of times and then I'll finish them off". My fear is that
they'll finish him off and I know I'm going to be in charge of the
dispersal. I'll give them credit though, he's done that with a bunch of
them and he's still alive. If you're in the SE and want to start one get
in touch with me!



"It is necessary to be noble, and yet take humility as a basis

   "It is necessary to be noble, and yet take humility as a basis.

    It is necessary to be exalted, and yet take modesty as a foundation."


[RC] Walker's in Endurance, rides2far