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[RC] Dear Jerry Fruth - Howard Bramhall

I'm quite concerned, after watching last nite's game, that our trails might really be in trouble now. There they were, the almighty Ohio State University's football team, ranked number 6 in the country, on the path to super stardom this year, taking on a non-ranked, dressed up in Purple of all colors, psuedo Ivy League team name of Northwestern. Few folks would even bother to watch such a mismatch, but, I know Jerry was looking on. He's the Buckeye's number one fan.

OUt of the Blue (purple, actually) a miracle occured last nite. Somehow, someway, this team that rarely gets the network attention of an Ohio State, this Northwestern team who had already lost two games in a very early season, started scoring points against the mighty Ohio State and kept on plugging, like the relentless endurance rider, on and on and on, into the 4th quarter, sending the game into overtime. Ole Jer was staying up late this night; and, he was worried. THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING he screamed! If this was the mighty Gators, I could see this being possible (inevitable, says I), says Jer (to himself), but not Northwestern. NOT NORTHWESTERN!!!!

When all was said and done, the final score was Northwestern 33, and Jerry Fruth's Buckeyes 27. The mighty had fallen and now, I'm worried about Jerry's mental well being and the state of our trails. Will Jerry still be able to focus on that endurance path after this incredible event? Will he be able to withstand the political pressure of the Washintonians, keeping his mind on the ball, after witnessing his favorite team, his alma mater, dropping the pigskin time and time again, and ending up losing to such a mediocre team? Is Jerry going to be OK? Isn't this worse than having to deal with three hurricanes in one season; your team now out of the hunt, out of the game, out of that quest for that coveted National Championship Title?

I sincerely hope not. Jer, it's OK. It's only football. Nobody will think the lesser of you for backing such a bunch of losers at all. It's just not that important. They'll be back, Jerry, and I'll be waiting, with cash in hand, to take your money when you feel up to it. I know this is quite a setback for you, but hang in there buddy. It was just a fluke; stuff happens. Get back up on that horse and ride!

Please, for the sake of our trials, send your letters of condolences to Jerry at jerryfruth@xxxxxxxxxx You'll be glad you did. And, so will your horse.

Howard (this is such fun for me; GO GATORS)

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