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[RC] Eating in Ride Camp - terry banister

Sorry, I should have phrased it that I WON'T cook outside in the wind and weather and darkness. And, since I travel alone, don't like to leave camp.
Anyway, the flavors are: Hearty Beef Stew; Chicken Pasta Parmesan; Homestyle Chicken Booyah (soup?), and Mountain Chili (meat free).
I just sampled the Chicken Pasta Parmesan. Just pulled the tab, and the thing started steaming away on on my desk. They even include a plastic fork/spoon and a Wet-Wipe :-) In 15 minutes, it was defiinitely hot (burned my mouth) and quite tasty. At least the chunks of chicken tasted like real chicken. And I am thinking the beef stew and chicken soup might hit the spot some cold, windy night.
Anyway, they have a shelf life of 2 years or more, so they make good "just in case" food.

<html><P><IMG height=12 src="http://graphics.hotmail.com/emsmiled.gif"; width=12>&nbsp;Happy Trails!</P>

&gt;From: &quot;terry banister&quot; &lt;terrybanister@xxxxxxxxxxx&gt;
&gt;To: ponyup1@xxxxxxxxxxx, ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
&gt;Subject: [RC] Eating in Ride Camp
&gt;Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 12:58:41 -0700
&gt;I don't know how many people go to the races without hot food or a
&gt;cook, but if ride management doesn't provide a meal on Friday night,
&gt;I don't have a way to cook in camp. Just discovered:
&gt;AlpineAire Foods &quot;Inferno Self-heating&quot; meals. (www.tyry.com) They
&gt;are fully cooked and require no outside heat source to make them
&gt;hot. You just pull the activation strap, and in 15 min., the meal
&gt;is hot.
&gt;A bit pricey at $7.99, but in endurance, what isn't?
&gt;&quot;May the Horse be with you&quot;
&gt;&amp;gt;From: &amp;quot;Kathy Copeland&amp;quot; &amp;lt;ponyup1@xxxxxxxxxxx&amp;gt;
&gt;&amp;gt;Reply-To: &amp;lt;ponyup1@xxxxxxxxxxx&amp;gt;
&gt;&amp;gt;To: &amp;quot;ridecamp&amp;quot; &amp;lt;ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx&amp;gt;
&gt;&amp;gt;Subject: [RC] Flies and Eating
&gt;&amp;gt;Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 12:36:54 -0700
&gt;&amp;gt;Well I have used the fly predators for years and they work
&gt;great. As for
&gt;&amp;gt;eating on a ride, well we tried all that healthy stuff and just
&gt;&amp;gt;take it so we went back to our Coca Cola and Snickers or some
&gt;kind of
&gt;&amp;gt;chocolate bar at the vet check. It works great for us and we
&gt;figure it is
&gt;&amp;gt;our primary driving force to get there. We do drink PowerAde on
&gt;the trail
&gt;&amp;gt;and emergen-C if we think we need it. Hey if they feed us
&gt;cheeseburgers and
&gt;&amp;gt;fries at the vet checks we would eat that too.
&gt;&amp;gt;Team Slow Poke
&gt;&amp;gt;Kathy Copeland
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