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RE: [RC] Triple Crown - Jim Holland

I agree.  There are those of us, (including me) who like the challenge of
difficult rides. To just complete the Old Dominion, Tevis, and Big Horn have
always been my long term goal. (However, I'm probably too dang old now to
make that happen) IMHO, just COMPLETING all three in the same year would be
out of reach of most riders. (Time, financially, etc.) 

In order to make the award "attainable" to more riders and emphasize "one
horse, one rider, many miles", I prefer to see it recognize any rider/horse
team that had done all three, not necessarily in the same year. At least it
should be a HORSE award, not a rider award.

Any way of finding out how many horse/rider teams have done all three?

I bet there aren't very many.

Jim, Sun of Dimanche+, and Mahada Magic

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I totally disagree that people wouldn't go for a triple crown of
Endurance > riding.  Why else do>  riders and horses try harder and
harder trails??  Because they like > the > challenge.  I could > see a
triple crown showcasing the hardest rides in the country as a > challenge
and a great>  accomplishment.  I think many riders would try it.

I think if you did come up with it, you'd need to recognize any rider who
actually completed all three. If you set the goal as "win all three" you
might go a lifetime with no winner. Completing three of the most
difficult, widely spaced (geographically) rides in the country in one
year would be a long shot.



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