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Re: [RC] cats and snakes - heidi

Some interesting quotes and links!


"The elements of most Rattlesnake bites are hemotoxic, which damages tissue and effects the circulatory system by destroying blood cells, skin tissues and causing internal hemorrhaging. Rattlesnake venom also contains neurotoxic components which immobilize the nervous system affecting the victim's breathing, sometimes stopping it. Most Rattlesnakes have venom composed primarily of hemotoxic properties. Baby Rattlesnakes and the Mojave Rattler are the exception; they have venom which contains more neurotoxic properties than hemotoxic which makes them very dangerous. The Sea Snake, Coral Snake, and Cobra family of snakes also have venom with dominant neurotoxic characteristics. (Brown, 1997)"




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Re: [RC] cats and snakes, Merryben