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[RC] Doncaster Renegade Ride - Judie Ricci

 The Renegade ride was GREAT!!!!    This was the 4th NE ride for us,  ( just moved from the SE in Jan. )  and it was one of the BEST MANAGED rides we have done including the PS rides.   Helen and John Stacy  did such a great job and all the volunteers were very helpful, and plentiful .   Helen had to TRY to get everyone to park a certain way due to limited space , no big corals,  they had to "buy" the water for the ride ,   and get this,  when you came to water on the trail there were two tanks at each water stop!!   one to sponge out of , and one for horse drinking water!  and these were kept full,   the trail markings were awesome, like Bonnie kept saying "a blind person could find their way"  ,  you had a nice variety of terrain,  single track, open dirt roads, bean fields,  lots of grass for the horses to eat,  and they fed the riders good too,   Friday dinner,  Sat.  breakfast , Sat. dinner and for the Sunday CTR crowd they had breakfast too.  The ride camp was set up early , so the riders knew  where to put  their crew stuff , there was a large water tank in the middle of the area so you could give your horse an opportunity to drink as you went to your crew spot, this was not a BUCKET  ONLY  tank it was wonderful to let your horse stick his head in to drink after a loop  and not worry if someone was going to yell " hey that is for buckets not horses"  ,  they had a ton of tanks filled to bucket out of in a different area that horses could not use,... ,  and a lot of P&R people so the lines weren't long waiting for the vets.  I'm sure many of the NE riders have done this ride as this is the 12 year for it ,  but I just wanted to acknowledge the extreme efforts of the Stacys,and  their volunteers. There was a tornadoes through the area a week before the ride so they had the added burden of Chainsaw work just before the ride,   there were a few nice jumps on the trail, but the big stuff was cut away.  Thank you Helen and John,  We will try the 75 next time  Judie and Pete Ricci